ARCHIVED – 100 kilos of microplastic collected from Aguilas beach

Date Published: 27/09/2021

Volunteers in Águilas, Murcia, cleaned up kilos of polluting plastic waste on Ensenada de la Fuente beach

As part of their ongoing attempt to reduce pollution and waste in the municipality, the Town Hall in Águilas teamed up with environmental organisations SEO/Birdlife and Ecoembes to organise a clean-up day.

The clean-up day is part of the Libera 1m2 initiative launched in 2017 to combat the accumulation of rubbish, especially plastic, in natural environments, and aims to encourage both Town Halls and individuals to take action against waste pollution in Spain.

In total, the volunteers collected around 100 kilos of microplastics this weekend (September 24 to 26) from the Ensenada de la Fuente beach in Águilas.

Both the departments of Environmental Education and Citizen Participation were involved in the organisation of the clean-up day, along with local scout groups ‘Severo Montalvo’ and ‘Centro Cultural de Renfe’.

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Image: Ayuntamiento de Águilas