Watch: Coco Nogales Visits Misión Mexico

When he’s not packing bone-crushing tubes at his home spot of Puerto Escondido, Carlos “Coco” Nogales can be found sharing his love of surfing to underprivileged youth through the philanthropy organization he founded, the AHAVA Project.

And the latest surf therapy outreach operation took him to Misión Mexico, located at the very southern tip of Mexico right next to the Guatemalan border. Misión Mexico is a home for kids who don’t have one; but in addition to shelter, they help these kids through other outlets that they wouldn’t otherwise have, like schooling and sports (and specifically surfing). That’s where Coco stepped in, with a day of surf lessons for the kids.

“We don’t have many days,” said Coco, “but we can do something good. My goal was to come visit them, meet them, and share my story to motivate them…make them believe in themselves and in their dreams.”

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