World’s greatest surfer Kelly Slater takes to Instagram, performs hours-long free form jazz concert for mostly adoring public: “I was gonna adopt a dog in Mexico at a taco stand…” – BeachGrit

An artist in his prime.

11x World Champion Kelly Slater took to Instagram, three short days ago, and riffed and jived and found high notes and blew a few low ones too.

The ostensible reason for the one-man show was a duet with Jack Mallers, founder of Zap and Strike, apps with a Bitcoin focus. Slater revealed his love of the cryptocurrency, in May, by savaging Tesla founder Elon Musk. Five days ago, after a lengthy Instagram silence, he posted that Mallers had given him a “tip” about Strike via Twitter.

“Strike is money without borders which empowers people to send money instantly to anyone anywhere in the world. Forget the huge fees Western Union and others charge. And there’s also no fees to buy or exchange into Bitcoin. More freedom for the little guys!”

Many of Slater’s ardent fans assumed his account had been hacked with such a blatant promotion but the 50-year-old assured them that it was all him (“I’m one of those crypto guys (wide smile emoji) (big eyes emoji)”) and proceeded to ask Mallers on for a Instagram Live chat.

Their conversation was fine enough, if you care about that sort of thing, but became fantastic when Mallers dropped off after 30 minutes or so leaving Slater on stage and alone.

Fans questions, comments, salutations came pouring in while Slater, perfectly symmetrical head filling screen, blue eyes darting from comments to camera, answered, acknowledged, elucidated.

Pure free form jazz.

Fiji will likely be re-opening in December and he encourages people to book.

He misses surfing and surfer‘s demise, fondly recalling the first picture that he had as a 12-year-old.

He averages drinking one beer a week.

He felt like he was in a “time bubble” at a recent Pearl Jam concert and they remain one of his favorite bands.

“Growing, learning, understanding people better,” is what excites him about the future.

He won a piece of land near Shipwrecks down Cabo way but never claimed it.

He was going to adopt a dog in Mexico when he was just there. Found at a taco stand and it needed to go the the veterinarian to get shots and cleaned up but he had to get to the airport. He tasked someone to check in on the dog after he got home. The person found and sent pictures to him. He was thinking about having that person bring the dog up to California but decided it would be better for him to do it himself. In the morning he found out the dog had been hit by a car and died.

Very sad but also like a Zen koan.

Someone commented “F.U.” and he responded “Ok, you’re dropped.”

Less Zen but still powerful.